Sketchbook Pages

light 2b.jpg

These are some new pages from my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. I had a little of a break from working in it but I’m back on track now, slowly filling up the pages. I’ve been enjoying playing around with just graphite in my sketching, working purely in tone rather than with colour. Light and Shadows are my current fixation, I’m in love with the patterns and drama they create and I want to incorporate this more in my work.

These are all on Arches hotpress watercolour paper with my 0.5mm Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil and F grade lead. I tend to swap my leads around in my travel set depending on what mood I’m in, the F has been nice on the go as it doesn’t smudge much and I can still get a decent range of tones with it. Do you have a favorite lead grade?

Mini Sketch Commissions

At Brisbane Supanova this year I decided to try offering mini sketch commissions. I took with me some pre-sketched characters and offered on-the-spot commissions. I was really happy with how the were received so I’ve decided to continue offering them in my online store. They’re a super cute, teeny tiny 7x7cm graphite sketch on 225gsm art paper with a soft deckled edge.

If there’s a character you’d like let me know, I’d love to sketch them for you! It doesn’t have to be a pop culture character either, it could be you, your pet, a gaming avatar.. anything you’d like, even your favorite food (I’m always thinking about food, so food makes sense to me, but maybe that ones just weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

New Illustrations and 90s TV

book lover 3.jpg

I’m back at work scribbling and painting. I did another book lover illustration and painted my azaleas. I’m also working on some moons which I’m hoping to share soon and plan to do some work in my sketchbook project sketchbook tomorrow.

Did you heard about the new Sabrina TV series that’s coming out soon? I’m super excited for it, till it starts I’m binge watching the 90s show and getting all nostalgic.

My Water Nymph Post Cards Are Here

Check out my little water nymph, she's now available in my shop as postcards.


I really enjoyed the journey of painting this little lady. There are a few things I have a habit of avoiding because I'm rather bad at illustrating them and water is definitely one of them. It's silly because avoiding these things isn't doing me any good at all. So I recently gave myself a telling off and started this in an attempt to strengthen my skills. She was only supposed to be development work that no one else had to see (because I'm weirdly ashamed of my messy stuff) but once I got into the rhythm of things I started to find the patterns of the water to be quite therapeutic and I just kept going till she was done. And now I'm actually rather proud, I hope you like her to.

Find Me At Finders Keepers Melbourne Autumn/Winter

It's the Finders Keepers Melbourne Autumn/Winter markets this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. If your in Melbourne I highly recommend stopping by, there are so many amazing designers exhibiting. I've highlighted my stall in red on the map below to help you find where I am.