I finally got a light box!

I finally bought myself a light box! Its something I've always been tempted to buy but instead have put my $$ towards other art supplies. Usually I just redraw things or if I get desperate I use the window trick but they are a handy item to have, they help to speed things up and to easily make small adjustments. So I'm super happy to have one now!   ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

The one I got is quite a basic one, its A3 and I purchased it on eBay. I love that its super thin and easy to store. The only real issue I have with it is that the light adjustment is a bit tricky to use.


I'm super excited to go and play with it and work on some new things ●‿● see you back here soon

Im having a huge sale!

I'm having a huge sale!
25% - 50% off all items in my Etsy shop as part of Etsy's 13th birthday celebration
It's for 6 days only (18th -23rd June AEST) so don't miss out!

All 5"x7" prints are 50% off and everything else is 25% off   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I'll be putting the money from these sales towards some new products for my shop and upcoming markets/conventions because I'd love to branch out and offer you more ●‿●

Goals, art supplies and some pages from my sketchbook

I'm on a mission! I want to improve my drawing speed. Its not happening organically, at least not to the degree I want it to so I'm stepping in. My goal is to go full time with my illustration work and speed is something that I'll need to improve to get there. So I'm gradually trying to trade out my idle moments with more sketching, just fast, unpolished, quick sketches (I have an overwhelming compulsion to keep working a piece in search of perfection, its rather unhealthy). So lately I've been drawing while spending time with family and while sitting in cafes. Its been difficult for me as I'm weirdly insecure about drawing in front of other people. Its silly but it just makes me uncomfortable and feels like a lot of pressure. I just keep telling myself no one is looking, no one cares and that it doesn't matter but insecurities are hard to crush. So far I'm doing all right. I still feel uncomfortable and I'm not sketching as frequently as I could but its a start.

on-the-go sketch set.jpg

Whats in my little on-the-go sketch set?

  • Muse A6 FO-HOMO sketchbook (I picked this up when I was in Japan and it has been tucked away in a drawer being forgotten about so I thought Id put it to work)
  • Pilot Colour ENO mechanical pencil 0.7 with the pink lead (super smooth lead and the nicest shade of pink)
  • Delfonics mechanical pencil 0.5 with 2B lead (this ones my old faithful, I use it for everything and drag it everywhere)
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner in grey (good for lines but not great with blocking in and doesnt work great with the paper in this sketchbook so I might kick it out and just keep it for my notebooks)
  • Tombow retractable eraser (because retractable erasers are the best)

I'm going to try hard to keep up with this and post more pics. Hopefully these little sketch sessions will help me to get faster with my illustrations and to be more comfortable drawing around others. Id love to find a life drawing group nearby (I'm on the Sunshine Coast at the moment), its been too long since Ive been to one and I used to find them enjoyable and challenging, its also nice to spend time around other creatives and I really miss that.

See you back here soon ●‿●

My Water Nymph Post Cards Are Here

Check out my little water nymph, she's now available in my shop as postcards.


I really enjoyed the journey of painting this little lady. There are a few things I have a habit of avoiding because I'm rather bad at illustrating them and water is definitely one of them. It's silly because avoiding these things isn't doing me any good at all. So I recently gave myself a telling off and started this in an attempt to strengthen my skills. She was only supposed to be development work that no one else had to see (because I'm weirdly ashamed of my messy stuff) but once I got into the rhythm of things I started to find the patterns of the water to be quite therapeutic and I just kept going till she was done. And now I'm actually rather proud, I hope you like her to.

Find Me At Finders Keepers Melbourne Autumn/Winter

It's the Finders Keepers Melbourne Autumn/Winter markets this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. If your in Melbourne I highly recommend stopping by, there are so many amazing designers exhibiting. I've highlighted my stall in red on the map below to help you find where I am.